Suri Cruise Unveils College Plans: Could She Be Heading to Ethan Hawke’s Alma Mater?

Suri Cruise is heading to college!

The graduating senior has been accepted into Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, according to a TikTok video celebrating her class’s college choices.

The video, highlighting students in sweatshirts from their chosen schools for ‘Decision Day,’ features Suri proudly wearing a red Carnegie Mellon University sweatshirt.

Notable alumni from Carnegie Mellon University include Zachary Quinto, known for his role in ‘Star Trek’ (2009), Ted Danson from ‘The Good Place’ (2016), and Ethan Hawke from ‘Dead Poets Society’ (1989).

Meanwhile, Suri is reportedly interested in studying fashion. A source mentioned that while Holmes assisted her with several applications, Suri has always been determined to chart her own path.

Last year, Katie Holmes directed, co-produced, co-wrote, and starred in a film titled “Rare Objects,” which she dedicated to her daughter, Suri. The teenager contributed to the project by singing a song for the film. This wasn’t the first time Suri showcased her musical talent in her mother’s work; she also performed a song for Holmes’ previous movie, “Alone Together.”

In 2023, Holmes expressed her joy in having Suri participate in her projects, highlighting how much she loves their creative collaborations. The end credits of “Rare Objects” notably feature the words “Dedicated to Suri.”

Katie Holmes has a special tradition when it comes to her films. “I hope she always does something on my films. I always ask her,” Holmes said. Reflecting on her experiences, she shared, “Both of those experiences came from the same sense of what I love about our industry. You have these projects and become a family with people, creating a safe, beautiful, creative space. Including someone I love dearly comes from a place of love for me.”

Holmes emphasized the importance of this personal connection in her work. “That’s how I like to work. I like to have that kind of feeling. It was very meaningful to me to have her there, because she’s my heart,” she concluded.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise welcomed their daughter Suri in 2006. The couple, who married in 2006, split up after five years of marriage.

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