Ryan Reynolds Surprises ‘The View’ Audience with Mom: ‘Blake, It’s Your Turn!’ | Watch the Video

On Monday morning, “The View” had an unexpected twist when Ryan Reynolds joined the audience instead of sitting behind the table with the hosts, as celebrities usually do. His surprise appearance startled the hosts during the episode, creating a memorable moment for the show.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg remarked halfway through “The View,” “You never know what’s going to happen here. Sometimes you look up and think, ‘This is really great.’ And then you glance over and go, ‘Oh, snap! There’s Ryan Reynolds!’”

The camera then panned to reveal the “Deadpool” actor sitting in the front row. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a promotional stunt for Deadpool or Mint Mobile. He was there with his mom, who was visiting and had a keen interest in seeing “The View.”

Reynolds lightened the mood with a joke when asked about the situation, saying, “This is way less stressful than being up there.” He then explained, “My mom is visiting to see her grandkids, and yesterday she mentioned that it’s her dream to attend ‘The View.’ I always try to fulfill her wishes, because you never know what she might do otherwise. She’s capable of unspeakable violence, and I’ve experienced it my whole life.”

Reynolds went on to describe his call to the show, introducing himself as, “Blake’s husband.” He shared that his mother, affectionately known as Mama Reynolds, is a devoted viewer of the show, tuning in daily. Despite being in the audience for this particular episode, she ensured it was recorded at home so she wouldn’t miss a moment.

Alyssa Farah Griffin warmly extended an invitation, saying, “You’re welcome any time, Mama Reynolds. You too,” gesturing to Reynolds. Seizing the moment, she later added with a smile, “Tell Blake to come on!”

You can watch the entire moment in the video above.

The appearance of Ryan Reynolds and his mother delighted everyone, including comedian Jo Koy, who was one of the guests on the show. Upon seeing Reynolds, Koy exclaimed, “Oh my god!” However, his excitement was mostly for Reynolds’ mother, as Koy enthusiastically remarked, “I know her!”

As a special treat for Reynolds’ mom, the hosts invited her on stage at the end of the show. She had the honor of delivering Whoopi Goldberg’s signature sign-off line: “Have a great day, everybody, and take a little time to enjoy the view.”

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