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SuperCoach NBL: Who to buy, hold and sell in round 15, via the Basketball Blokes


Whether your team is succeeding or failing is irrelevant.

The Basketball Blokes, Benny, Banksy, and Boydie, are here to help with rebounding advice.

For round 15, you should think about adding, retaining, and selling these players to your SuperCoach NBL team.


Sells of the week: Jo Lual-Acuil (MEL) $338,700 CTR

Big Jo has got to go. For Lual-Acuil in the last round, it was a case of being so close, yet so far away. He grabbed nine rebounds in the Kings game, even though his rebound and block of a shot was mistakenly called a steal, which cost him his double-double bonus points. Although he only finished with 7 points in his second game against the 36ers, he did a fantastic job on the glass, pulling down 17 rebounds.

During these seven points, the team shot 3-13 overall and 1-4 from the free throw line. All he would have needed to do to win that double-double bonus was to make his free throws. Since Jo and Ariel Hukporti continue to share minutes fairly evenly and there are no signs that this will change, we advise playing Froling at centre for the remainder of the season.

Other players to consider selling …

Luke Travers (MEL) $346,200 GRD/FWD

Our spies told us that Travers hadn’t bothered to take off his earrings because he was apparently a game-time decision to begin the round, even though he had made the flight up to Sydney. Additionally, our spies in Adelaide informed us that he appeared quite gregarious during the pregame warm-up against the 36ers.

It was expected that he would miss again after we established that this was not a remark on his hair. For the remainder of the season, Melbourne will only have two double game rounds, and they will be separated by distance. Try to trade Travers to players with a much better schedule, like those from Illawarra or New Zealand.

Injured players …

Aside from Travers, there were plenty of players dealing with injuries last round including DJ Hogg (SYD), Alex Sarr (PER), Chris Smith (BRI), Alan Williams, Abdel Nader and Gary Browne (SEM). Watch for updates on these players’ injuries and, if necessary, think about trading.

Jo Lual-Acuil Jr is an important sell. Picture: Kelly Barnes/Getty Images


Every week, Benny compiles a list of some of the noteworthy Break Evens for the upcoming week. Players with low Break Evens are expected to see price increases, while those with high Break Evens are likely to see price decreases. Join SuperCoach Plus to access the complete Break Evens list along with additional statistics and team-building resources.

    • Tanner Krebs (-18, 1 game)

    • David Okwera (4, 1 game)

    • Tai Webster (10, 1 game)

    • Angus Glover (12, 2 games)

    • Trey Kell (52, 2 games)

    • Anthony Lamb (66, 2 games)


    Hold of the Week: Jaylin Galloway (SYD) $212,700 FWD

    Although two SuperCoach scores of 18 won’t give owners much hope, 30 and 29 minutes on the court are highly encouraging. As of this writing, there has been no word on DJ Hogg’s return. After recovering from his shoulder injury, Galloway has not yet reached his pre-injury scoring level, but it was fantastic to watch him improve and become more aggressive in the most recent round. This aggressiveness combined with his usual steals and blocks, along with a strong finish at the rim, should result in a score that owners will be happy with this round.

    Other players to consider holding …

    Jonah Bolden (SYD) $226,400 FWD/CTR 

    Lately, Jordy Hunter has been the one accumulating SuperCoach points. Bolden played more minutes than Hunter in the previous round even though he did not start. The fact remains that their SuperCoach scoring potential will be hindered even with their 20 minute per game cap. You can HOLD with Bolden at his current price with dual positioning and two rounds of double games in the upcoming three weeks.


    Regardless of schedule, Banksy ranks his favourite inexpensive players (under 200k) every week.

    1. Lachlan Olbrich (ILL) $156,400 FWD/CTR

    At the start of the season, we had high expectations for Lachy O as a cash cow, but neither the production nor the minutes have lived up to our expectations. Olbrich has averaged 22 SuperCoach points over his last three games, so at 13 SuperCoach points, we are finally seeing some fantasy value. Lachie has F/C positional flexibility and is a great option for a downgrade. The Hawks have the best schedule to end the season, which adds to the appeal of the choice.

    2. Kyle Bowen (MEL) $149,200 FWD

    Kyle saw a slight increase in minutes without Luke Travers, which led to an uptick in output. Over Melbourne United’s two games in the previous round, he scored 21 and 22 SuperCoach points. The uncertainty surrounding Luke Travers’s impending comeback raises a red flag. Melbourne’s schedule is not good going forward, but Bowen will be at a negative break even going into Round 15.

    3. Tanner Krebs (MEL) $153,300 FWD

    With Travers out of commission for the previous round, another player was rewarded with more minutes and opportunities. Krebs scored 19 and an incredible 40 SuperCoach points in Melbourne’s final two games. Krebs will continue to see more opportunities at a value price going into round 15, with a competition-best -18 breakeven and a projected $31k price increase, if Travers finds it difficult to get back into the game.

    4. Shannon Scott (BRI) $176,600 GRD

    After recovering from a hamstring injury, Scott has had difficulty putting together a string of consecutive points, but we are now beginning to witness a hint of normalcy. He has now played 21 minutes or more over his last three games and that has resulted in an average of 21.6 SuperCoach points per game over the same span. Brisbane, an import with a strong fantasy track record, will play four games in the next two weeks at a cost of 15 SuperCoach points.

    5. Gorjak Gak (CRN) $98,000 CTR/FWD

    Regretfully, Gorjak Gak made a comeback at the exact moment Alan Williams was injured. Watch for an update on “Big Sauce’s” injury, but if Williams is out for an extended period of time, a depleted Phoenix team will definitely need Gak. Gak, who costs $98k, scored 16 SuperCoach points in 18 minutes off the bench and should keep improving even after missing seven of the previous ten games for Phoenix.

    Gary Clark is the buy of the week. Picture: Jeremy Ng/Getty Images


    Buy of the Week: Gary Clark (ILL) $349,300 FWD

    Gary Clark has a lot of options for the buy of the week, but his current form, potential for cash generation, and advantageous schedule help him win. Gary has just finished two games with SuperCoach scores of 41, recording double-doubles in both of those contests. 14 points and 12 rebounds against Adelaide in Round 13 and 16 points and 13 boards against SEM in Round 14. Clark is averaging 35.5 SuperCoach points per game over his last 6 games so form is on his side. Over the next three weeks, the Hawks will also begin a run of three double-game rounds; in fact, Round 18 will be their only single-game round for the rest of the season.


    Boydie will rank the other best buys for the upcoming week each week.

    1. Sam Froling (ILL) $351,700 FWD/CTR

    Excellent schedule, averaging 32 SuperCoach points in the previous six games, and the crucial Forward/Centre eligibility to lead the run home

    2. Trey Kell III (ADL) $340,300 GRD

    Three doubles in the upcoming four rounds, and right now—dare we say it—a triple double threat!

    3. Justin Robinson (ILL) $262,100 GRD

    has been playing better lately, averaging just under 25 SuperCoach points in his last five games, and the Hawks’ schedule is simply too good.

    4. Isaac Humphries (ADL) $313,500 CTR

    Ice’s 23 in the previous round wasn’t very good, but he’s averaged 31.6 SuperCoach points over the last six, and he has three double rounds left in the next four.

    5. Milton Doyle (TAS) $305,300 GRD

    We believe Milton is a little undervalued heading into Tassie’s Rd 15 double, having scored 46 points in his most recent game and averaging 26 SuperCoach points over his previous six games.

    6. Zylan Cheatham (NZ) $253,400 FWD

    7. Anthony Lamb (NZ) $438,100 FWD 

    8. William McDowell-White (NZ) $205,700 GRD

    9. Nathan Sobey (BRI) $343,300

    10. Dejan Vasiljevic (ADL) $314,700

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