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Although Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco have been at odds for years, Cudi sensed that things would not work out between them before they turned into enemies.

The INSANO rapper talked about a close call with Lupe in 2008 at the BAPE store in New York City, where he worked before his music career took off, in a recent interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music.

Cudi clarified that he tried to avoid getting in the way of any well-known rappers who came through the store out of concern that they would use his work as a retail employee as leverage against him in a later dispute. This was the case with Lupe.

One day, Lupe Fiasco stopped by the shop. They called out to me from the back, “Hey, Lupe’s here.” “I thought, ‘Oh sh*t!'” he exclaimed. Remaining in the stock room, I waited for him to depart by staying downstairs. “What are you down here for?” was what my coworkers asked.

“I gave my guy the same explanation that I gave you. “He sold me clothes,” this n-gga is the last person I want to say to me if I ever become famous, bro.” You, my son! That is not acceptable!

“If you think about it, he still despises me,” Cudi went on. He despises me. I was therefore correct; I was onto something. I felt there was energy in the cosmos. I thought to myself, “Yeah, you called me, muthafucka. I can’t have nobody making a diss record like that.”

View the conversation with below. The beginning of Lupe Fiasco’s story occurs at 34:50.

The rappers Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco got into a Twitter spat in 2014 after Lupe charged fans $500 for a personalised verse, which Cudi criticised for appearing “a bit sketch.”

At a Milwaukee show the following year, Lupe made fun of Cudi, telling the Cleveland native that if they ever cross paths, it’s on sight.

“PS: I have now forgiven all of my enemies, with the exception of Kid Cudi, who is not my muthafuckin’ buddy. It’s getting really freaking ugly if I see him on the streets. I know you might be a fan. We have similar shit, and you’re like, “Damn!” Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter because they will soon resume their conversation,” he rapped in an unplanned freestyle.

Later, in March 2022, the rapper from “Kick, Push” addressed Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars and fired back at Cudi, proving that their rivalry was still very much alive.

He tweeted, “I hope they can find some time to reconcile, accept what happened, and move on.” “But Fuck Cudi 4 life is still here.”

A fan asked Lu on Twitter in December of that year if he could see himself ending his feud with Cudi in the same way that other younger rappers had ended theirs. The answer was succinct but unambiguous: “Never. Fuck him for the rest of your life.

Following up on the comment, a fan made fun of it by saying, “Everyone seems to hate Kid Cudi.” The Chicago MC continued to express his contempt while simultaneously praising his opponent’s abilities.

“Aside from his brilliance as a musician, notoriety, and prosperity, Cudi is a really cunning punk bitch ass bitch…It’s not even a particularly hot or contentious viewpoint. Outside of the spotlight, his personal resume is garbage,” he wrote.

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