Is Netflix Getting Little Nicky 2 Soon? Explained: Adam Sandler’s Sequel Speculation

Explained: Little Nicky 2 Netflix Speculation

Social media users are circulating a poster that teases the release of Little Nicky 2.

Adam Sandler was reportedly going to reprise his part as Harvey Keitel’s Satan’s son, Nicky.

Under the title Little Nicky: Hell Takes a Vacation, Sandler appears in front of the New York City skyline wearing pajama pants and a long red robe while grinning.

As fire burns beneath him and horns protrude from his head, he is accompanied by his dog, Beefy, from the 2000 movie.

The poster, which is displayed below, hint at a May 2024 Netflix release:

Little Nicky 2

With an updated New York skyline, the poster maintains the same background and format as the original movie poster, making it easy to disprove as phony.

With a new outfit on his body, Sandler’s face is taken straight from the original Little Nicky poster, and the horns emerging from his hair are very clearly Photoshopped in.

Furthermore, there are no known or speculated plans for a Little Nicky sequel.

There have only ever been three sequels to Adam Sandler’s films: Hotel Transylvania, Grown Ups, and Murder Mystery.

There is very little chance that a Little Nicky sequel will be made, as neither Sandler nor his co-stars have publicly discussed the project’s development.

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