Irish Wish Movie Review: Lindsay Lohan’s Banal Rom-Com’s Beautiful Locations Are Its Only Hope 2024

In her most recent romantic comedy, Lindsay Lohan plays a book editor who goes to Ireland for her best friend’s wedding but ends up being the bride. Lohan’s Maddie upends her entire life with a single wish.

Is it all she had hoped for, though? Irish Wish, a low-budget film directed by Janeen Damian and set to debut on Netflix on March 15, also includes a small romantic triangle to liven things up.

Irish Desire: Story

Irish Wish, a romantic comedy that coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, is somewhat reminiscent of Julia Roberts’s beloved romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding, but with some minor differences.

Maddie Kelly, who hopes to wed her coworker, author Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos), ends up in Ireland as a devoted bridesmaid for Emma, her closest friend (Elizabeth Tan).

The American bridesmaid, who is visiting a foreign nation, wishes naively for true love and finds herself in Emma’s position.

Without some drama, of course, this wouldn’t be a plain story. Maddie feels a connection to another suitor, photographer James (Ed Speelers).

Although the Netflix romantic comedy follows the clichés of the genre, it differs from other Hallmark romances in that it has a stunning Irish backdrop, which is undoubtedly a plus.

Irish Wish: Composition and Guidance

There is nothing particularly novel in either Janeen Damian’s direction or Kirsten Hansen’s writing. The writing is actually rather cliched and uninteresting.

The main character is forced to endure embarrassing sequences of ridiculous mishaps that are intended to make Maddie feel embarrassed. Additionally, she is seen pleading with Saint Brigid (Dawn Bradfield), who then follows her around like a ghost. It’s simply strange.

As the movie gets closer to the climax, Damian also starts to lose interest in the romantic portion of the narrative since everything seems hurried and disconnected.

Irish Wish

Irish Desire: Presentations

Teenage Lohan acted in several Hollywood productions, some of which were box office hits (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday), while others didn’t go as well (Just My Luck).

With these lower budget romantic comedies on Netflix, the actress has made something of a resurgence, starting with the 2002 movie Falling for Christmas. She has experienced yet another setback with Irish Wish.

Among the cast, Lohan is the only one with comedic timing. I only wish she had better stuff to work with. She still has that star quality. The only other cast member making an attempt is Speelers’s James; the others, including seasoned actress Jane Seymour, appear to be phoning it in.

Irish Desire: Analysis

Despite the fantastical element being a major trigger, Irish Wish lacks realism in the writing. Lohan also doesn’t have any chemistry with the male protagonists, thus the romance that the movie seemed to be promising doesn’t materialize.

If you love Lindsay, though, you’ll see that the actress in Irish Wish has a positive outlook. If you decide to play this, get a cold drink because you’re going to need it!

What is the movie Irish wish about?

The film Irish Wish, helmed by Janeen Damian and featuring Lindsay Lohan as a bereft book editor bestowed with a single, disastrous wish while visiting Ireland, delivers precisely what one might anticipate: a lighthearted daydream that fulfills dreams against a melancholic backdrop of majestic cliffs and serene, emerald-tone grassy hills

Where is Irish wish filmed?

The settlement in the film is modeled around the scenic town of Westport in County Mayo. Overlooking the Carrowbeg River, stone bridges link to promenades dotted with trees, creating an atmosphere ideal for strolls. The town center is filled with historical buildings and has a row of vibrant storefronts.

Is The Luck of the Irish movie good for kids?

It was family movie night the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and no one could decide what to watch. Mom intervened and recommended doing this. I can’t recall any offensive language spoken; it was quite family-friendly.

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