How Fortnite revolutionised live-service gaming in the current video game era

There is no need to introduce the game Fortnite. It has won over millions of fans of Battle Royale since its release in 2017. Together with the ongoing partnerships with other well-known brands, this Epic Games game has been a success.

But that’s not the only benefit this game offers. It is regarded as the best live service game that Epic Games has to offer. What is a live service game exactly? After its original release, the game is regularly updated with new content in an effort to keep players interested for years to come.

Fortnite’s early years and ascent to prominence

Lady Gaga at the Fortnite Festival

With its magnum opus, Epic Games has unlocked the finest detail in this genre. It wasn’t always the case, though. At first, the game’s cooperative PvE gameplay consisted of building structures and battling zombies. With the release of the game, the Battle Royale genre began to gain traction because of titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

As a result, Epic Games made the decision to follow suit and achieved unparalleled success. The live service game component of Fortnite, however, was what really drove its success. To attract players, the developers commenced collaborating with well-known franchises. They worked with Marvel Studios at first, and they kept improving from there.

At the moment, players can swing with Spider-Man and dance in the zone with Eminem. Now, Fortnite has grown beyond gaming to become a standalone cultural phenomenon. Of course, this success prompted other game companies to try and emulate what Epic Games had accomplished. The industry saw a change as a result, with many well-known companies attempting to emulate its success, including Rockstar Games and PlayStation.

PlayStation made the decision to promote several live service games, including The Last of Us Multiplayer, under Jim Ryan’s direction. Their recent games, such as Destiny 2, also take the live-service gaming approach. In addition, Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact both experienced enormous success after the release of the Epic Games game. Rockstar Games’ GTA Online emerged as a worthy contender for the title.

In what ways is the Epic Games title continuing to evolve?

LEGO Fortnite mode

However, the folks who created the live-service crown jewel were equally up to the task. Epic Games has continued to improve its hit game even after it became an enormously popular live-service title. A significant advancement would be going back to OG and introducing UEFN. The former demonstrated that the game still has a lot to offer by attracting a large number of seasoned players and streamers back to the title.

On the other hand, Epic Games gave a masterclass with the release of UEFN. With the ability to now make numerous new games within the Epic Games title, players can grow the game’s player base indefinitely.

With one of these actions following another, Fortnite has emerged as a leader in the revolution of live service games. Seeing what Epic Games has planned for the game’s future will be fascinating.

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