From Shahrukh Khan to Rekha, here’s the list of top Bollywood celebrities who own Electric vehicles. 2024

Electric car use has increased dramatically in recent years around the world. Even the Indian government promoted the culture, resulting in a significant shift from ICE vehicles to EVs. The move has also been observed in Bollywood, with most celebrities ditching fuel-powered vehicles in favor of totally electric ones.

While some actors were seen driving costly EVs down the street, few were caught driving entry-level, tech-loaded electric vehicles. We’ve compiled a list of prominent Bollywood celebs who just become proud owners of electric vehicles.

Shah Rukh Khan

When it comes to owning luxurious houses or having an expensive automobile collection, Bollywood’s King Khan is constantly at the top of the list.

The actor currently possesses a multimillion-dollar garage, which has been complemented by Hyundai’s most advanced Iconic 5.


The firm donated the 1,100th EV unit to Jawan actor, who has been promoting the brand since 1998. In case you weren’t aware, the Iconic 5 costs Rs 64 lakh.


Rekha, the iconic actress who never goes out of taste and trend, has enlarged his pricey garage with a sleek BMW i7. The electric sedan starts at Rs 2.13 crore (ex-showroom) and rises to Rs 2.50 crore (ex-showroom) for the top model.


The variant is powered by a 101.7 kWh battery pack, producing a maximum power of 536.4 – 650.39 horsepower. It has an outstanding range of around 625 kilometres on a single charge.

Which Khan is most popular?

Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the “King of Bollywood,” is among Bollywood’s most successful and renowned performers. He has received multiple honors for his performances and has a large international fan base.

Does SRK have a degree?

He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Hansraj College, an institution affiliated with Delhi University. Shah Rukh Khan completed his education at the Jamiya Millia Islamia in Delhi, where he received a master’s degree in mass communication. Shah Rukh Khan has dedicated himself exclusively to acting.

Did Shah Rukh Khan own Bugatti?

It was formerly considered the pinnacle of automotive technology, in addition to being the world’s fastest production car. So, back to the question: does Shah Rukh Khan actually own one? The answer is no, and the man himself has debunked this story.

Who owns most expensive car in India?

VS Reddy, the Managing Director of British Biologicals, owns India’s most costly automobile. According to Cartoq, VS Reddy paid a whopping Rs 14 crore for a Bentley Mulsanne EWB Centennial Edition.

Was SRK rich before Bollywood?

Shahrukh Khan, born in 1965 in New Delhi, India, was not a wealthy man before to entering Bollywood. He was from a middle-class household and attended both St. Columba’s School and Hansraj College. Khan began his career in the entertainment world, working in television series and theater plays.

Who is Juhi Chawla best friend?

Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla Mehta have been friends for nearly 30 years, beginning with their roles in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Since then, they have collaborated on a number of films, including Yess Boss and Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, as well as being business partners.

Which company does SRK own?

Mannat’s current market worth exceeds Rs 200 crore. He is also the proprietor of Red Chillies Entertainment, a prominent VFX and production firm with a yearly turnover of over Rs 500 crore.

Does Shah Rukh Khan have friends?

Shah Rukh Khan, one of India’s most well-known stars, has many close pals in the film industry. Karan Johar is one of his closest buddies. Karan Johar is an established filmmaker, producer, and talk show host in the Indian film business.

Has SRK worked in Hollywood?

During the conversation, he was asked why he was unable to crossover and appear in any Hollywood film. In his sarcastic way, SRK confessed that he has never been offered a film in Hollywood or England.

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