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EXO’s D.O turns 31: From 100 Days My Prince to The Moon; explore idol-actor’s journey in acting world


On January 12, 2024, Doh Kyung Soo, a.k.a. D.O., celebrated turning 31 years old. As a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO, he became well-known as a beloved singer and actor from South Korea. His distinctive voice in the K-pop industry has been compared to honey, and his melodic vocals have cemented his reputation as a genuine legend.

With his small-screen debut in the SBS drama It’s Okay, That’s Love in 2014, D.O. of EXO made his acting debut alongside Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung. His compelling performance in the series earned acclaim from film critic Heo Ji Woong and a subsequent nomination for the Best New Actor award at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards. Continuing to impress, the idol-turned actor has since taken up many roles.

As D.O. celebrates his 31st birthday today, let’s look back at his career as an actor.

It’s Okay That’s Love

It’s Okay, That’s Love, the debut drama from D.O., tells the tale of Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin), a student studying psychiatry, who meets Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung), a mystery novelist and compulsive radio DJ. Even with his lighthearted and conceited demeanour, Jae Yeol struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which has its roots in a horrific past.

Driven psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo, who is in her first year of fellowship, strikes a balance between her professional aspirations and her empathy for her patients. When Jang Jae Yeol and Hae Soo cross paths, they fall in love and attempt to mend each other’s wounds.

D.O. plays high school student Han Kang Woo, who is a great fan of Jae Yeol. With aspirations of becoming a well-known writer like his inspiration, Kang Woo follows Jae Yeol around and shares his manuscripts with him in an effort to get his mentorship. Regretfully, Kang Woo’s alcoholic father frequently mistreats both his mother and himself. However, Kang Woo is more than a fan of Jae Yeol. It is revealed that Jae Yeol was stabbed three years prior, which is when he first encountered Kang Woo.

Hello Monster

Brilliant profiler Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) returns to Korea after a case in the movie Hello Monster. He has no idea that his team’s Detective Cha Ji An (Jang Na Ra) has been looking into him. She is aware of his brother’s disappearance and his father’s mysterious murder, which are both linked to a criminal by the name of Lee Joon Young (EXO’s D.O.). Finding Lee Joon Young and bringing him to justice are goals shared by both of them.

They become involved in a risky game of cat and mouse that is masterminded as they continue their investigations. They have no idea that evil and the truth are closer and more intricate than they could have ever imagined. D.O. adopts the persona of teenage Lee Joon Young, who was raised in a difficult environment before turning into a murderer. Twenty years after breaking out of prison, he reappears under the guise of Lee Joon Ho.

My Annoying Brother

The story of Doo Young (D.O.), a gifted judo athlete who goes blind, is told in the movie My Annoying Brother. His brother Doo Sik (Jo Jung Suk) takes advantage of the circumstance and uses the accident as a means of breaking out of prison. The return of Doo Shik adds another level of stress for Doo Young, who had to navigate life alone after losing his parents when he was a teenager.

Doo Young is uneasy at first, but he eventually becomes friendly with his elder brother who takes leadership and assists him in adjusting to his disability. Doo Shik finds out he has terminal cancer just as the brothers are starting to get along again. He has a limited amount of time, so his goal is to say goodbye to his brother and help him secure his future by helping him win gold at the Rio Paralympics. D.O. won the Blue Dragon Awards’ Best New Actor prize for his role in the film.

100 Days My Prince

One of EXO’s D.O.’s most well-known dramas, 100 Days My Prince, captivates viewers with an engrossing plot and an amazing chemistry with the gifted actress Nam Ji Hyun. D.O. plays a cold-hearted prince in this drama who becomes amnesiac due to an accident and spends a hundred days stuck in a village. He struggles with mockery in this strange environment and is called stupid because he can’t do simple tasks.

D.O. won multiple prestigious awards for his role in the drama, including Best Actor of the Year and the Best V Live Popularity Award at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Bad Prosecutor

The main character of Bad Prosecutor is a prosecutor who uses unusual tactics to seek justice and is portrayed by EXO’s D.O. (Jin Jung). He is committed to making those who abuse their wealth and position answerable for their deeds.

The drama won three awards at the 2022 KBS Drama Awards in the categories of Popularity Award, Best Couple Award, and Top Excellence Award (Actor), thanks to praise for its well-done and exciting action scenes.

The Moon

The Moon, a 2023 space survival drama film from South Korea, tells the story of the tragic explosion that ends the country’s first crewed lunar mission. Five years later, a second human spaceflight is attempted, but due to a powerful solar wind, a malfunction occurs, trapping astronaut Sun Woo (D.O.) in space. When faced with yet another impending disaster, the Naro Space Centre turns to Kim Jae Guk (Sol Kyung Gu), a former managing director, for advice on how to safely return Sun Woo to his family.

Astronaut Hwang Sun Woo, a molecular physics major and former member of the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), is portrayed by D.O. in the movie. Sun Woo, the youngest, boards Korea’s first manned spacecraft. But an unexpected solar wind hits the spacecraft, killing Sun Woo’s companions and abandoning him more than 384,000 kilometres from Earth.

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