The Complete Patch Notes For The New Minigame That Dave the Diver Captures In The Most Recent Update

Dave The latest version of The Diver is now available on Switch. Even though these patch notes aren’t the most comprehensive, they still have a few interesting new features.

The game now has the catchy version number ver. thanks to the update. The most recent patch includes a new language option, changes to restaurant customization, and the addition of a new rhythm minigame called “Dream Live” in addition to a few of the standard bug fixes.

Publisher Nexon provided the complete patch notes in a recent forum post, which we have compiled for your review below.

Put on a wetsuit? Now let’s get started.

Version of Dave the Diver (Released 11th March 2024)

[System Improvements]

1) New Language

  • The addition of Russian is a new language.

2) Sea Exploration

  • Added a feature that causes the game to pause while exploring the ocean in case the controller is disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some buttons to act strangely when the screen was in the paused state.

3) Smart Phone App

  • [Following Chapter 4] The minigame “Dream Live” has been added.
    • With “Dream Live,” you can play earlier rhythm games.

4) Sushi Restaurant

  • Removed the option to alter the interior during regular business hours.

5) Other Improvements

  • After installing DLC, a pop-up guide has been added to verify if it is installed during initial access.

[Bug Fixes]

1) Sea Exploration

  • Resolved a bug that occasionally caused the game to crash while playing one of the Pink Dolphin rescue missions.
  • Resolved a problem that was causing some fish to become lodged in walls.
  • [Following Chapter 6] Resolved a problem wherein items would display mission markers even in the absence of any missions pertaining to crab traps.
  • Fixed a bug in the DREDGE DLC where weapon fragments would appear small when exploring the ocean.

2) Sea People Village

  • Resolved a problem where the Beluga could occasionally produce overlapping BGM sounds.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in sporadic frame drops when overweight visitors visited the seaweed farm.

3) Smart Phone Apps

  • Resolved a problem that prevented Cooksta feed from posting fried seahorses.

4) Weapons

  • Corrected a few misinformational descriptions of the “Frozen Cod” melee weapon.

5) Sushi Restaurant

  • Resolved a problem where, in some circumstances, the ability to modify the quantities of ingredients did not function as intended.

Just in case you missed it, Dave the Diver will also be available in physical form in Japan (supporting English and is region-free). For those who would like to jump in, pre-orders are now accepted.

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