5 things Pokemon fans should know about Zygarde

Since making its debut in the video games Pokemon X and Y, Zygarde—a distinct and enigmatic legendary within the Pokemon universe—has enthralled fans. Zygarde, who is revered for its affinity for Earth and its function as the ecosystem’s defender, is notable for more than just its fascinating mythology; it also has unique traits and forms.

Being a vital component of The Aura Trio, this Dragon/Ground-type is crucial to preserving the delicate equilibrium between life and destruction in the franchise’s fictional world. We’ll look at five facts about Zygarde that every Pokemon fan should be aware of in this article.

5 essential Zygarde insights from Pokemon

1. Zygarde Has Multiple Forms

Zygarde’s various forms

Zygarde is renowned for her many guises, each with a unique look, set of skills, and level of power. These variations are:

  • Zygarde Cell: These cells, which are dispersed throughout the area, are in their most basic form and resemble a green blob. They are not equipped with any fighting skills.
  • Zygarde Core: Zygarde’s brain, or core, is a little more developed than a cell; it is conscious but not yet capable of fighting.
  • Zygarde 10% Forme: This form resembles a dog; it is swift and nimble. It is the earliest form with fighting ability.
  • Zygarde 50% Forme: The serpentine form that most fans are accustomed to. Zygarde’s standard form in Pokemon X and Y is this one.
  • Zygarde Complete Forme: When Zygarde gathers all of its cells and cores, it reaches its ultimate form. This form is much more powerful than even its 50% form.

2. Zygarde’s Role in the Ecosystem

Zygare’s 10% Forme

As the Order Pokemon, Zygarde is in charge of preserving the ecosystem’s equilibrium. It keeps an eye on the actions of Yveltal, the embodiment of destruction, and Xerneas, the embodiment of life, and steps in when the delicate balance between the two is in danger. This position emphasizes Zygarde’s close relationship with the planet and its function as environmental defender.

3. Unique Ability: Aura Break

Zygare’s 50% Forme

Zygarde has a special ability called Aura Break in its 10% and 50% Forme, which negates the effects of Xerneas’s (Fairy Aura) and Yveltal’s (Dark Aura) abilities. Generally speaking, these skills increase the strength of Dark-type and Fairy-type moves, respectively.

The effects, however, are reversed when Zygarde uses Aura Break to enter the battlefield, undermining these kinds of attacks and emphasizing Zygarde’s function in preserving equilibrium.

4. Power Construct

Power Construct transformation

Zygarde can also possess the Power Construct ability, which is exclusive to its 10% and 50% Formes, in addition to Aura Break. When Zygarde’s HP falls below 50% in combat, it can use this ability to transform into its Complete Forme, greatly enhancing its power.

Although the 50% and 10% Formes have total base stats of 600 and 486, respectively, the final Complete Forme has an astounding total base stat of 708. This change represents more than just a stat boost—it’s a manifestation of Zygarde’s duty as the ecosystem’s protector, using her full might when called upon.

5. Zygarde’s significant Lore

The Aura Trio

Zygarde is more than just the protector of the ecosystem in the Pokemon mythology. It is a member of the legendary box art for Pokemon X and Y’s “Aura Trio” alongside Xerneas and Yveltal. Fans conjectured about the untold tales surrounding Zygarde because, in contrast to its counterparts, it was not featured as the main legendary entity in a game.

Despite this, Zygarde’s lore is abundant, highlighting themes of balance, nature, and interconnectedness while hinting at a larger, interconnected world within the universe through the concept of cells and cores.

Zygarde, who embodies profound ecological and philosophical themes exclusive to the Pocket Monsters universe, continues to be one of the most intriguing creatures for fans to explore. It is a fascinating and multifaceted character that provides an insight into the larger stories that are being told in the Pokémon universe because of its various forms, abilities, and place in the ecosystem.

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